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My New York Journey, Soon

Starting next month, I'll be posting about my 2nd journey to NYC, as well as other fantastic/wonderful things that only I, Karen Lorraine Venn, can take.  I'll also be facing my fears, head on (The Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center Memorial), going to another Neothink Clubhouse Meeting (which I'll tell you more about soon), & other things that I find wonderfully amazing; this will take me on a journey, that I've need for a long time (& no it's not call a Bucket List)

I'll be posting more about this soon, & before I leave for an exciting, trip, which may answer my question about travelling being my Friday Night Essence

Liking Garlic

At 1st, I didn't think I'd like garlic, the way it smelled or even how to use it; I assumed it was `bad' for you, so I didn't try it, until last month, when my parents were gone.
I started by using my mom's already minced garlic, mixing it with 1/2 an avocado & found out I really did like it; I then picked a some fresh garlic & tried it with many foods.  As I used it in different foods, I began wondering how well it would go with my tuna mixture, & sure enough it did; I then added it to other dishes to enhance them, then tried it with my egg dishes.  I'm finding when I experiment with garlic, that it enhances certain foods & gives other foods flavor; as I keep learning more about this food, I'm wondering what else I can use it in.

I've just done some research on this food & am finding a lot of health benefits, associated with garlic, including low blood pressure, HDL, healthy anti-biotic, among others; it's also a good heath benefits in other things to, including yeast infections.  It's obviously helping, because I can already see the benefits; by my research it may help in ways my meds haven't.

I'm also looking it up to see how long it'll keep & whether or not I can use it, even afterwards

more to come


During the Holidays, I made 2 different icings to spread on some cupcakes & cookies, I made; they were both easy to put together & didn't have many ingredients.  After making them, I put them in the refridgerator, till I needed them; I then spread a fairly good layer on them, so each cupcake, or cookie, would have a good amount on them; I then used decoration to make each piece look nice, then shared it with friends & family.  For 1 of the icings I made, I aded some red & green food colouring to make each cookie be more Christmassy looking; it was both fun & enjoyable & i felt like a kid again, making both icings, then decorating cupcakes & cookies to share.

Peanut Butter Frosting

In a large bowl, beat 3 1/2 cups sifted powdered sugar
1/4 cup peanut butter &
1/2-1/3 cup milk to make frosting of spreading consisency
(hint:  You may have to heat it up in the microwave before using)
Makes abouy 1 1/2 cups

Royal Icing

3 tablespoons Meringue Powder
4 cups sifted confectioner's sugar (approx. a l.b)
6 tablespoons water

Beat all ingredients at low speed for 7-10 minutes (10-12 minutes at high speed for portable mixer) until icing form peaks/  Makes 3 cups

Fondant & Candy

Yesterday, I created a few things that are both edible & fun; also, I made them, so I can add them to other things as well as to look at & say, `I made that'.  I made them out of fondant, M&M's, icing (from a piece of cake I brought home) & candy pieces; I had fun & really enjoyed myself.

From my Fondant, I made fondant cookies, to add to bread, mini buns & anything else I can possibly think of; I made flowers & blue jays, then used my new fondant tools to add my personal touch to them; I made purple & lavendar flowers & made well, Blue Jays.  Later on I'll be making more purple flowers as well as Blue Jays, then make pink kitties & yellow bears; then with the rest of the white fondant, I'm gonna see if the icing colour, to see if they're any good, & I can't wait, because I think/know it'll be fun.

Icing Candy
Icing (ready-made icing from a piece of cake)
red candy pieces

In a cupcake holder, add some M&M's in 4 out of 6, in my case stars; set aside
IN a microwaveable container, add cake icing & a few candy pieces & microwave 50 seconds, power 3; stir it till melted, then add more seconds till all is melted, take out & stir be very careful:  it will be hot

Carefully pour icing mixture over M&M's, in cupcake holder; cool, then refridgerate till firm; carefully take each candy out of the holder & keep in refridgerator; later on today, or this week, I'll be making more Icing Candies, with other icing & may be add a diffferent colour candy piece & may be even dates or trail mix.

Dessert Wrap

 Each Dessert Wrap is different, but mine is very filling & easy to make; mine's just like the dessert sandwich, but instead od an English Muffin, it's a Flatout bread, but the other ingredients are the same; here's how to make 1:

1 FlatOut Bread
2 tblspns Nutella/Chocolate-Peanut Butter Spread
4 Candy pieces
4 pieces dried fruit
2 tblspns Icing

(MICROWAVE) In microwaveable container, melt icing for 1 minute/Power 4; stir & repeat
(TOASTER OVEN) On FlatOut, spread Nutella/Chocolate-P.B spread to 1-2 inches from the edge; add candy pieces & dried fruit in middle of bread; slowly roll FlatOut; on tin foil, place rolled Flatbread in Toaster Oven & lightly toast till candy pieces start to melt; let stand 1 minute, before taking it out of oven
Drizzle icing over rolled Flatbread & enjoy

Next Food Network Star pt1

Last night's episode I thought was very exciting & interesting to say the least; but there were ms trio ga that bothered me, including some contestants who were annoying. I thought it was a great way to hit the show off & can't wait for more.  As the show started, I began wondering how many of them would actually make it to the finals, let alone have their own show; I found it both entertaining as well as interesting & hopeful.  I believe some of the contestants have potential, while others will just end up viewing the show, due to their lack of enthusiasm.  While I give credit to the judges as well as the hosts, I do see this yr's as much tougher than last......& here's why I believe so:

 I loved how thew host (Giada, Alton, Bobby) brought the contestants, then had them make Breakfast, as their 1st camera challenge; it was both interesting & neat how they all met in front of a theatre, in Hollywood Star, then went to the studio where they were told more about their 1st challenge, how long they had & how much camera time.  I truly got inspired with some of the foods, & will be fixing 1 of them, tomorrow morning, as well as the rest of the week, including my Saturday afternoon lunch; I really thought the egg sandwich looked good & may try it this Saturday, but using a 1/4cup egg substitute, instead of an egg.  But as I was getting inspired by some the the dishes, I noticed a couple contestants being annoying or simply refusing to listen, in fact 1 of them I thought needed a lesson in keeping her mouth SHUT; all the while, noticing how the other contestants were looking at them, wondering, `Will we ever get any quiet time?', then went back to what they were doing.  Another 1 kept talking to herself, but didn't drive others, nuts with her constant talking; then they all had to do their 1st Camera Challenge; some did ok, others did it great & others faulterd something fierce.

Afterwards, they met Alton Brown at a Food Court/Farmer's Market & were picked in a team of 3 & had to make a `promo' video, then make something for the judges & their special guests; some did real good, but others were either being too rough, were angry or just couldn't speak loud enough.  1, however, cried for a bit, telling her sad story to Alton, then tried 2 other times, both were still too soft; they then went back to the Food Network Kitchen to start their creations, when all heck both loose & some of them weren't communicating to their teammates.  After cooking, they headed in for the night & began resting, for what would be a very emotional day for some of them; that morning they went into a restaurant's kitchen & the 1 team started to finish their meals, then brought it to the judges.  After each team presented their meal, except 1 team, who didn't even finish plating, show their promo to the judges, thanked them & left the room; the judges were harsh on some, but enjoyed what was given to them.

Afterwards, at their home, away from home, 1 team argued about why they didn't finish, then knew they would be facing the judges about it; when they all faced the judges, 1 team won it for their food & video promos, then other teams followed unitl the last team, who had a gut feeling 1 of them wouldn't be there.  The blonde-soft-spoken woman was safe, but 1 of her 2 teammates wasn't, due to her not finishing her dish, while helping 1 of them; when they chose, Vic, I began to wonder if they chose the right 1, then began thinking of what might happen in episode 2.  After finding out who was left, I wondered which of the 14 would be there before long & who would end up being the Next Food Network Star.

This time last yr, I already picked out the final 4 as well as who I had thought would be the Next Food Network Star; this yr, I'm still very undecided & will see who I think will, when the others have left & who knows, I might just post about it.

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A Sandwich Cafe on Howe Ave

Yesterday afternoon, my parents & I had lunch at a little cafe on Howe Ave, in Sacramento, CA; we walked in & went to the counter, where there was a menu to choose from.  All 3 of us ordered sandwiches, apples & iced tea, then sat down at a booth; there were many choices & was hard to choose which sandwich to have.  This was recommended by myt Aunty Jan, my dad's sister, & we thought we should try it; they were very good & very filling.  Plus they're fresh ingredients & you know what you're getting; since we sat near a fireplace, we weren't near the drafty air, nor close the the door & could feel the heat from it.  After we ate, I tried my new iPod to see if I could get some internet service, while my mom checked out their breads; it worked, somewhat, but couldn't really get online, so I turned it off.

I would highly recommend this place, because of their great food, wonderful iced tea & good service; plus you get what you pay for & it's just right for a normal meal, without being too heavy.  Also, they have pastries, breakfast sandwiches, soups & coffee, amond other sanwiches & some cookies, to carry you over till your next meal.

Birthday Dinner at Mimi's: 9/23

After doing a bunch of errands, my parents & I went to a great restaurant in Folsom, CA, called Mimi's; this was my dad's & my birthday dinner & went inside & got seated quickly.  As soon as we did, my mom & I ordered some tea & my dad ordered coffee, as we 3 looked at the menu; there were too many choices, but end up choosing the right 1s for all 3 of us.  Since it tooks us awhile to choose what we wanted, our nice waiter brought us our tea & coffee, water & some yummy bread; not long after, we finally decided what we wanted.

My mom ordered an appetizer, which consisted of shrimp, veggies & several kinds of dips; my daddy ordered a chicken dish & I ordered some por chops, then waited for our dinner to arrive.  As we waited for our meal to arrive, I told them about my trip, where I stayed as well as a bit on what I did; we then talked about some other things, when 3 big plates arrived for us.  My mom had the `smallest', with just appettizers, which she ordered, because she knew she wanted some dessert; my plate consisted of:  2 medium-sized pork chops, with honey glaze, a big mound of potatoes, with gravy & some veggies & my dad's consisted of a big piece of chicken, a huge mound of potatoes, with gravy & some veggies.  Mine was very good & my pork chops were superb & high recommend this dish, for anyone, who likes going to Mimi's & loves pork chops as much as I do; my potatoes were just melt in your mouth & the gravy topped it off just right.  My veggies (broccoli & such) were very crisp & tender, just the way I like them; my mom loved what she was having & so did my dad.  Our waiter was nice enough to give my mom & I some water, for our tea & checked on us from time to time, which I thought was nice of our waiter to do so; as we were having our dinner, my mom & I were discussing what we would like for dessert & asked my dad if he's like to join us & he told us that he was getting full.  Then our waiter took my mom's & my plates away, while my dad was still eating; my dad then asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu & my mom said yes, after she thought, the menu sitting at the edge of our table, was the wine & spirits menu.  As we took a look at the dessert menu & ordered our desserts, our waiter took my dad's plate away & filled his cup for him; my mom ordered:  Petite Bread Pudding & I ordered a Petite Triple-Chocolate fudge, then relaxed till our desserts came.
When our desserts came, both my mom & I were glad we both ordered the Petite versions of our desserts, because they were big enough; as we were having our desserts, my dad was looking at both of us & was a satisfied customer; my mom couldn't finish hers, but neither could I, since both desserts were very filling.  I'm glad that I had my Lactaid pills, because, my dessert had a scoop of vanilla ice cream; I really enjoyed my triple-chocolate dessert & I think my mom enjoyed hers.
I highly recommend going to Mimi's for dinner, because of their great service, wonderful atmosphere &  how nice the inside is; also because, if everyone in your party is over 21 yrs old, they'll put you & yuour party in a very special part of their restaurant.  It also has good prices & the servers will check on you & your party throughout your stay.

Seattle's Best Coffee

After doing errands at Kaiser & getting some icing at my local Michael's, I went to Seattle's Best, inside Border's Bookstore, to get myself some coffee & a snack; as I went inside & got myself a couple of magazines, I went to their counter to see what they had.  There was so much to choose from, then I peeked around the corner, to find a stack of cookies, waiting for anyone who wants 1; I then ordered myself a small cup of coffee & an oatmeal/cranberry cookie, then poured some half-in-half & went to sit down.  I knew their coffee was good & I enjoy it so much, that I keep ordering it, but this time I wanted to try 1 of their cookies; my cookie was really good, flavourful & filling.  It also has great texture & has a lot in 1 big cookie.  I ate it slowly, so I would totally enjoy the flavour of it as well as enjoying the taste of it; I was doing other things as well & wanted to just take a restbit, before heading off to Target.

I love Seattle's Best, because of the great service, wonderful atmosphere & the way they place their goodies, pastries & such; I also like it, because I save some money to but other thing, especially when they're next to Border's.